What we provide

1. Early Years Tutoring

Caters for pre-school children aged 4 to 6 years old in small group sessions (maximum 5 children per group)Sessions are for 45 minutes.


Programs are designed to accommodate the individual needs of your child and give them the best possible introduction to and success in reading, writing, speaking and listening (English), Mathematics (Numeracy) and social skill development.


Children are encouraged and nurtured to achieve their best, at their individual rate of learning, in a supportive and caring environment.


By working with, and engaging in open dialogue with parents BEAM aims to ensure your child has a successful year prior to school and a smooth transition to primary school.

  • Literacy and Numeracy Assessments to identify your child’s needs.

  • Personalised small group sessions (maximum 5 children)

  • 45 minute lessons

  • All resources provided

  • Early Literacy Program

  • Early Numeracy Program

  • Social Skills development (well-being and resilience)

  • Fine Motor Program

  • Parent Groups - How to help your child at school  (30 minute session - once a term)



  • Awareness of the functions, forms, conventions and uses of print and an understanding about words, letters, sentences, paragraphs, punctuation and grammar.

  • Letter identification

  • Simple word identification

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Blending and chunking words

  • Rhyme in reading

  • Shared Reading

  • Guided Reading Session

  • Reading for pleasure



  • Pencil Grip

  • Letter formation

  • Simple word formation (introduction to spelling)

  • Foundations of writing

  • Fine Motor:

  • Muscle development in hands, fingers, and wrists.

  • Manipulate pencils and crayons to colour and draw

  • Tracing dotted line activities

  • Cutting with scissors



  • Number recognition, counting and writing numbers

  • Number patterns

  • Simple addition and subtraction

  • Multiplication (groups of)

  • Division (sharing)

  • Simple Problem Solving



  • Learning through; interacting with others, communicating and doing.

  • Learning about and experiencing  ‘big school’ expectations.

2. Kindergarten to
Year 6 Tutoring

Offers individual tutoring for your child in English and Numeracy catering only for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Sessions are for 45 minutes.


In a supportive and caring environment, in consultation with parents, students will be provided with the opportunity to further develop their understanding of concepts, skills and strategies taught in Mathematics and/or English and apply these to their learning.

* Year 3  & 5 NAPLAN preparation offered.

BEAM Early Years Tutoring is a professional tutoring company, located in Gladesville.